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Welcome to Minano

Introduction to Minano

Minano, Chichibu District of Saitama Prefecture is part of the Chichibu Basin that is surrounded by mountains. The cool breeze that passes through the forests and the clear water of the Arakawa River are part of the vast nature of the region.

The birthplace of Chichibu Ondo, Minano has the tourist destination of Saitama Prefecture, Nagatoro to the north, and the largest city of Saitama, Chichibu, to the south. There are mountains, rivers, and many natural scenes in this wonderful town. The mountains of the Chichibu Basin also have Chichibu's only independent peak, the Minoyama. With the clear water of Arakawa River, an abundant history that have been passed down for ages, geopark spots, and more, there are many places to see. Let's go exploring!

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