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Home of the Chichibu Ondo

Beginning of Chichibu Ondo

Minano is a town located on a ravine. Being the birthplace of Chichibu Ondo,
they hold the "Chichibu Ondo Festival" on August 14 every year where many people
from inside and outside Saitama prefecture come to visit.
  • Chichibu Ondo Festival
  • Chichibu Ondo Festival

The origin of this song and dance is not completely known, but it is thought to be during the Promotion period around 200 years ago. At the time, Chichibu was considered within the cultural and economic sphere of influence of Edo (Tokyo) and the sudden rise in popularity of Bodhisattva worship and kabuki theater and the local industry of silk farming was thought to be its medium. In other words, the movement of the dance was based upon kabuki, silk farming, and other customs of the region.

During the early Showa period, the dance had changed and declined. The poet Isekiko Kaneko of Minano used his lyrics and other publically submitted lyrics to be applied to the music written by Gisaku Yoshioka, which was later performed as the Chichibu Harvest Dance.

  • Chichibu Ondo Festival
  • Chichibu Ondo Festival
  • Chichibu Ondo Festival

Chichibu Ondo Festival

  • Chichibu Ondo Dance Festival
  • Location Minano Town Hall Festival Square
    Day / Time August 14 every year / 16:30~21:30
    Contact Chichibu Ondo Festival Executive Committee
    (Minano Commercial and Industrial Association)
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